Care Levels

Choosing the Right Cover 

Choosing the right level of care on your event can be difficult if you don’t have much experience with the world of medical, Medipatrol strongly believes you should fully understand the level of care you are being provided with. Would you know the difference if your provider sent you a different level of medic than what you booked?.

Unfortunately there are providers out there that just send out what they feel is appropriate to them, but do you know what you really need?

Read below the different levels of medic Medipatrol can provide and how to check that you have been provided with the correct person on the day by your provider.

First Responders/ Emergency Care Assistants

Emergency Care Assistants and First Responders have an intermediate level of training and are capable of dealing with serious situations including trauma, shock and scene management.

Known as First responders they are capable of Basic airway management, splinting, immobilisation, use of AEDS. First responders are commonly used at village fetes, festivals, parties, film and tv productions and much more.

First responders are used to carrying out dynamic risk assessments and assisting paramedics, they carry their own equipment, have the capability and willingness to deal with more serious injuries confidently and have been trained to administer more effective treatment including analgesic gas, oxygen and defibrillators. They are calm and consistent in all situations.

Ambulance Technician

Ambulance Technicians have a more detailed knowledge of injuries and symptoms for a wide range of conditions and more experience of treating them in adult and paediatric cases. They will have experience of responding to emergency calls as part of an ambulance service team.

They are trained to assist with moving patients safely and constantly observe vital signs responding to changes in the patient’s condition quickly and carefully. They are trained and capable of using medical and life support equipment carried on vehicles.

Ambulance Technicians are capable of calmly responding to distressing emergency situations where people may be badly hurt and severely traumatised.

Technicians usually will hold an IHCD OR AAP qualification, it is always worth ensuring that the technicians you are provided with hold this level of certification.


State registered paramedics are HCPC registered and have many years of experience in their role and further qualifications in advanced capabilities. They have access to a wide variety of drugs and techniques. Paramedics are very highly recommended and hold full accountability for their treatment. Paramedic is a protected title the same as a Police officer it is vitally important that if you request a paramedic specifically or are told you being provided a Paramedic that you ensure they are a registered health care professional, Paramedics hold HCPC pin number which you can verify online at

We recommend you ensure this check is done on anyone that you are provided with under the title of a paramedic.