Patient Transport Services

If your require our patient transport services then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Single Event Cover

If you have a one off or annual event that you would like to get a quote for please complete our online booking form and we will be in touch with you to see how we can help. If you would like to ask for guidance on the most appropriate level of cover for your event please feel free to call us today ON 0203 960 5226, your just a few clicks away from organising fast, effective and safe cover for your event.

Event Series Cover 

If you have multiple events throughout the year, why not ask about our block bookings.  We might be able to offer you block booking discounts when you book multiple events at the same time.


Medipatrol are highly experienced at covering all types of equestrian events, from BSJA Show jumping, Dressage, Cross country, Polo, Point to point. It is always important when looking at medical cover to ensure you meet your associations rules, We work with you to ensure your event has the correct cover as recommended by your association making sure you are fully protected on the day and well looked after by our expert team. We can also provide stretcher capable 4×4 ambulances to support our team and enhance the level of care you are provided.


Festivals come in all different shapes and sizes. Why not talk to us in more detail about your festival and get a tailored quote designed with your needs at heart. It is always important to look carefully at the type of festival you are operating and look in to the most appropriate levels of cover based on the number of people and the target audience. We can provide a team highly experienced in working all types of festivals, engaging with the public and working along side organisers and security teams to deliver a 5* service that really counts.

Film and TV

Are you looking for a long or a short term unit medic for an upcoming production?

Or one off cover ?
No problem we have covered over 40 different Productions and TV adverts.

We operate a specific team of medics that work regularly on film and tv productions across the UK and understand the importance of how a set works. By using Medipatrol staff for your productuion you can be sure they are experienced unit medics that will be able to cater for your needs in a friendly helpful manor, we pride ourselves on our team being visible and present.  

OCR Races

OCR events can be some of the most fun and enjoyable events to take part in, but there not without there own unique risks, identifying these risks early on and putting measures in place to reduce that risk is of the upmost importance. Medipatrol have a dedicated Team Leader for All OCR races, this means you will be designated one point of contact throughout the time you spend with Medipatrol as your medical provider. Your designated manager will visit your event location prior to a race and use their experience to give points and guidance on ways to reduce the risk of injury to your participants. They will then attend on the day and lead the team in line with a comprehensive medical plan and operational guide written by the management team. At the end of your event thy will review and carry out a report with you on the types of injuries and location of them and look to develop a way of reducing the risk of harm at your next event, some of our most popular OCR races include the Warrior adrenaline event and the Uk wide Color obstacle Rush events.

Sporting Events

Sporting events come in all shapes and sizes whether its martial arts, marathons, cycling, or even Highland games, Medipatrol
have got a team ready to help. We regularly cover sporting events, so whether its a big league football game or a local 5km run why not get in touch and let us take care of you and your participants. It is always important to look at your association rules on medical cover to ensure you are compliant on the day. For example if you are holding a road race your licence will be issued by an authority such as UK Athletics or Run Britain which have very specific rules on the minimum level of medical cover, fail to comply with this and the on the day independent race adjudicator may not allow your event to proceed even after being issued your race licence. Always check your provider is meeting the correct levels before booking them.

Other Events

Whether it’s a village fete or even a wedding, Medipatrol will be by your side to help, We are always excited to meet new clients and cover new events, simply complete a booking enquiry or get in touch by phone or email on the contact us page. 

If it unusual, different or just plain strange we are up for the challenge.

Over the last couple of years we have covered specialist events such as Torture Gardens, Counter terrorism training scenarios, Royal visits, 18th birthday Parties, Funerals, Medieval enactments, Motorcycle jousting, Nightclubs and much much more.

Nightclub medics

Following years of experience in licenced venues across London Medipatrol has now expanded to offering Nightclub cover across the UK. Our Management team carry out an initial site visit and run through venue capacity, security teams, demographics and much more with you to source the most appropriate level of medic to provide for your venue, all the kit is provided and left onsite at the venue to be used. Your have a dedicated account manager who will visit your venue throughout the year during your opening hours to assess and improve wherever possible and to gain feedback from the onsite medic as to what improvements can be made. We have extensive experience working in licenced venues and on operations across London the Midlands and the North of the UK supporting multi venue cover from mobile teams.


Please visit our training tab for more information