Vehicles & Resources


A wide range of vehicles are available to suit your needs. Here are a few of our most popular options.

Fully marked 4×4 

Our fully marked 4×4 vehicles are modern and up to date vehicles, fully kitted with full cardiac monitoring equipment, pain relief, splinting, immobilisation and much more they maintain a high visibility presence at events day or night and can provide a focal point for people to come to. All our Marked 4x4s carry a fixed stretcher which is locked to the floor it pulls out of the vehicle to allow patients to be placed in the vehicle flat and secured. These vehicles are fantastic for moving patients across rough terrain or difficult to reach areas. Medipatrol prides itself strongly on our stretcher 4x4s which are all maintained to the highest standards. Medipatrol has a full time Mechanic to ensure that all our vehicles are kept well maintained.

(The 4×4 will not transport patients off site to hospital its purpose is solely intended for use on site)

Onsite ambulances

Our onsite ambulances are fully kitted frontline emergency ambulances and can accompany your event and be used for treating patients inside the same as our first aid trailers, with the added benefit of heating and air conditioning as well as a full compliment of medical kit they are the all weather solution with one to one patient care in a clean, safe and enclosed environment. These vehicles are all modern and well maintained to high standards to ensure the safest environment to treat patients, they have full cardiac monitoring, splinting, immobilisation, pain relief and of course a fantastic friendly crew.